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0% Interest for 6 Months

Rapid Application Development is not a technology, but it is a mindset that is prevalent in a very small percentage of developers. This mindset involves an obsession with code quality and never letting the code base get out in front of the developers. It’s the same mentality that “The Millionaire Next Door” preaches – save money, don’t accumulate debt, live below your means, etc…

We win the race of great software through diligent unit testing, refactoring, coding standards and frequent releases. Any tool or toolset that doesn’t allow us to manage the source code at a source code level will only detract from this ability to deliver great software. Sure, we can use RAD tools that generate copious amounts of code. But that code becomes stale, and it doesn’t evolve with our software. It’s a lot like 0% interest financing. It’s a way to get something that doesn’t have a fiscal impact in the first 6 months of ownership. But those payments are due after the 6 months pass – with accrued interest.